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Natural And Organic Baby Body Butter

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Organic Baby Body Butter (natural) Organic Baby Body Butter (lavender)
Bee All Natural Organic Natural Baby Body Butter was created without the use of bleached or adulterated ingredients, or any added scents, so the only thing you and your baby will smell is the earthy aroma of Shea butter, making it the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to scents.

We took the same nourishing formula from Bee All Natural's Organic Natural Baby Body Butter and added organic lavender essential oil, known for it's lovely scent as well as its soothing properties. Bee All Natural Organic Lavender Baby Body Butter has a perfect light, natural lavender scent, which will never overwhelm you or your little one with any harsh chemical fragrances. The lavender in our Organic Lavender Baby Body Butter is the perfect naptime or nighttime moisturizer for your baby.