Make a ton of cash by telling people about us...

How does it work?

Simply sign up and place a Bee All Natural link, banner or ad on your site.

If someone visits our website and purchases a product after clicking through the Bee All Natural link on your website, you earn a 5% commission. There are no fees or costs associated with being an affiliate. Free to sign up, free to place links.

Bee All Natural has a gentle and effective lineup of body products, and we are currently looking for quality affiliate partners who are also interested in nourishing and wholesome body products. Our salves, body butters, baby powders, tea baths, and lip balms are certified USDA organic, made with the best quality products available.

To become a part of the Bee All Natural Affiliate Program, simply register as a customer on the Bee All Natural website. Once you are registered as a customer, click on the affiliate link, which is located on the bottom of the website. From the affiliate page, you will need to provide the necessary information and click continue. Affiliate accounts will be activated after a 48 hour approval process.

How to monitor my affiliate account?

You will be able to log into your Bee All Natural account, and click on the Visit My Affiliate page. This page will provide access to reports on how many click-throughs, sales, and commissions that you have generated. You will also be able to create an HTML banner ad that you can post to your website and in your emails. These banners will provide links back to your store plus your affiliate ID information for tracking. This page will also contain the affiliate link. This is the URL of your store accompanied with the affiliate ID information which will redirect visitors to your store and will record all sales and click-throughs under the affiliate account.

How Is payment handled?

Bee All Natural issues checks on the 1st of each month. The minimum required to accumulate before a check is issued is $10.00. All checks are payable to the affiliate is US funds, and all payments are made on checks issued by Bee All Natural. We cannot send funds through Paypal, wire transfers, money orders, cash, or credit card.

For more information please contact affiliate support at